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Should We Get Married?

With so many couples choosing to live together, it’s important to become informed with respect to common law relationships and the laws in your province.

Rights and regulations governing common law vary from province to province and from situation to situation. Consultation with a family law attorney is key to understanding your rights and protecting your assets.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are documents designed to protect one or both party’s interests should a divorce occur. This document is drawn up by a lawyer and signed by both parties before the marriage takes place. This is a legally enforceable document that protects each or one party’s assets. 

Child Support and Custody

Parents who have split up have equal rights of custody to their children until the courts decide otherwise. However, if only one parent obtains a legal order to take custody, the other parent can feel slighted. Therefore, both parents should obtain legal assistance when the separation isn’t amicable.


Lawyers are involved in private adoptions in Canada as licensees, who help ensure that all the laws and regulations governing adoption are properly followed.

These individual licensees are found mainly in Ontario. (Adoptions are also handled by adoption agencies across the country.)

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers offer many services to people coming to the country as immigrants. This includes thousands who request refugee status. Some of these services include:

  • Explaining your rights under Canadian law and the protections you may have as a refugee
  • Helping you prepare the paperwork you need to immigrate or make a refugee claim
  • Dealing with Canadian authorities on your behalf