Business Lawyers

A good business lawyer can make sense of technical language and guide you in the right direction whether you’re looking to collect debt, negotiate contracts or if you’re just setting up your business structure.

Business lawyers ensure that their client’s needs are met in the following areas:

  • Compliance with zoning laws and government regulations. Failure to comply with these could shut your business down and result in lost wages, fines and loss of reputation.
  • Advise on what type of organization to register as, be it a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation and the benefits or downfalls of each of these business structures.
  • Write up contracts between partners and shareholders and advise on rights and obligations of all parties involved.
  • Negotiate contracts and sales on your behalf. Whether it be for the sale of a property or a contract between your business and one of your suppliers, all documents must be legally sound.
  • Draw up employee contracts.
  • Advise on tax laws. A business lawyer may be able to help you structure your business to save taxes.
  • Protect you from liability claims with proper waiver forms and contracts.
  • Consult and advise on human rights and privacy issues.
  • Represent you should legal action be taken by you or against you by a third party.
  • Sound legal advice ensures that all areas are covered, reducing the chance that a contract will not stand up in court should there be a dispute.

Debt Collection

Most businesses, at one time or another, will experience the need for the collection of unpaid debts. A business lawyer can advise on appropriate courses of action depending on the circumstances, send out demand letters, and initiate, prepare for and attend legal proceedings should the need arise. Having a lawyer working with you greatly increases your chances of collecting what you are owed or disputing charges payable by your company.