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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

You’ve narrowed the search down and are ready to choose an attorney who will work with you to resolve your legal matters. Here are the top 10 questions you should be asking in your initial meeting, covering education and experience, expected outcome, the timeline, how much you should be involved and their rates.

1. What is their education/experience?

Specifically, ask them about their education and what experience they have dealing with cases similar to yours.

2. How do they charge?

Are you going to be expected to pay a sum upfront or will you be billed for services rendered? Find out what their hourly rate is and exactly what expenses you will be billed for.

3. What type of approach do they like to take?

If you are looking for an aggressive go-getter that won’t back down, do they fit the bill? If you and your attorney disagree on the approach the relationship will not work.

4. What is their expected timeline?

How long do cases like yours generally take? Get an estimate.

5. What will your role be?

Find out what documents you will need to provide them with, how much time you will need to devote to this and how active you will need to be in the process.

6. What are your legal options?

A good lawyer will present them all to you and give you sound legal advice on what he or she feels is best.

7. Do they carry malpractice insurance?

In the event that you suspect malpractice, it is important for you to know that your attorney carries malpractice insurance so that you have some recourse should you need it.

8. What is the expected outcome?

What is their opinion on the outcome? Is it favourable, or do they believe that it will be tough to win?

9. What steps will your lawyer be going through in order to resolve this matter?

Will there be people to interview, applications that need to be forwarded and returned to various government agencies?

10. What colleagues will be working with you on this project?

Will the majority of the work be done by other associates? If so, what are their qualifications?

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